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  Company Introduction :
Established in 2005, Allure and Swarga operate by PT.Avanti Swargaloka specializes in providing salon and spa treatment services in the highest professional standard. Currently, Allure owns and operates salon and spa centers in five locations in Jakarta.

The mission of Allure is to deliver and maintain the highest level of service and quality in every aspect of our salon and spa operations and contribute to raising the professional standards and international reputation of salon and spa in Indonesia.

Allure's Vision:
1. Serving our customers in the best and highest professional standards.
2. Continuous development in human resources as a primary asset.
3. Towards the integration of service excellence and management efficiency.
4. Improvement of social economic welfare of the entire Allure team.
5. Innovation through treatment design, methods and product development.
6. Bringing Allure salon and spa treatment to an expanding customer base in various geographical locations.
7. Introduction and development of Indonesian spa and salon treatment as one of the world's foremost methods.