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~Swarga Touch of Luxury (160 minutes)
This special treatment has been designed specifically for body and mind. A relaxing foot cleanse ritual and harmony traditional massage followed by your favorite body scrub and body mask. A relaxing bath to soothe away stress and relax your body and mind. Complete your treatment with a facial to revitalize your looks and rehydrate your skin.

~Exotic Physical Treatment (130 minutes)
The ultimate discovery for the body, mind and spirit. Start with a relaxing foot cleanse ritual and harmony traditional massage. Your body is then exfoliated with papaya enzyme body polish to help remove the dead cells of your skin, followed by a body mask to soften and purify your skin. Complete this treatment with a relaxing warm bath to soothe away stress and relax your body and mind.

~Body and Spirit Indulgence (150 minutes)
This is a complete head-to-toe treatment, start with relaxing foot cleanse, continue with harmony traditional massage for relaxing your body and stimulate your blood circulation. Then followed by a choice of full body exfoliation according to your skin type. Complete your indulgence with facial and acupressure.

~City Dweller's Detoxification (150 minutes)
This package has been specially designed to reduce stress. The package commences with a green tea scrub to exfoliate the skin, followed by an intensive sports massage to revive tired muscle. We the cocoon your body with a green tea mask to further detoxify your body. This treatment ends with an application of hydrating body lotion.

~Honey's Miracle(110 minutes)
Let your body feel the sensation. A touch of harmony traditional massage that works on your lymphatic system to detoxify your body. Followed by honey body scrub and honey body mask to smoothing your skin. Lastly, applying body lotion that makes your body sparkling.

~Revitalizing Body Treatment (90 minutes)
From the bounties of the Indonesian Archipelago, we bring you a traditional treatment incorporating traditional massage, followed by a choice of body scrub for your skin type to exfoliate the skin. This treatment to soften the skin texture and to balance the skin quality.

~Body Glow (90 minutes)
The Body Glow is a luxurious treatment with relaxing foot cleanse and aromatherapy massage. Followed by a body exfoliation using mineral salts mixed with olive oil, essential of lavender is applied to the body to stimulate circulation, remove toxins and exfoliate. Leaves the skin feeling luxurious, smooth and glowing.

~Blissful Sensation (single/couple 150 minutes)
This romantic experience is so luxurious and rejuvenating that it will surely deepen your feelings even further. Start with a relaxing foot cleanse ritual to revive tired feet and a body scrub to remove dead skin and restore youthful shine. This is followed by aromatherapy massage and a romantic bath, leaving you calm and peaceful before the final part of your treatment, a facial to restore suppleness to your skin and leave you feeling completely refreshed.

~Friends Delight (130 minutes/couple)
Enjoy the pleasures spas have to offer with a friend, daughter or son. Commence with an aromatherapy masssgae, followed by a choice of body mask and complete the experience with a mini natural botanical facial and a hydrating body lotion.

~Romantic Season (couple 90 minutes)
Create a romantic ambiance to share with your partner and renew the senses as you enjoy this treatment together. Start with relaxing foot cleanse. Feel your skin like silk after natural body scrub treatment. Complete this journey with Asmaragama massage and face acupressure. You both will be led into a state of serenity and relaxation.(available at Allure Kemang Club Villas)

#price start from IDR 360.000